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Solid Fuels in ormskirk

At Robert Bridge & Sons, we have been delivering a wide range of solid fuels for customers across Lancashire and Merseyside since 1934.

The right type of fuel for your specific needs

If you're planning to buy solid fuel for an open fire, then make sure that you choose a high-quality product, as the quality affects the efficiency of the fuel and amount of ash it leaves behind. At Robert Bridge & Sons, we supply British & Columbian trebles that are easy to light, offer a lasting fire and only leaves a very small amount of residual ash.
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Columbian Treble coal

British and Columbian Trebles

Ideal for open coal fires

Naturally lower in ash, moisture, and sulphur

Easier to light

Strong and long lasting fire

Pleasant, natural flame

Trusted Solid fuel merchants in Ormskirk and throughout Lancashire